Related Theatrical Events

Jill Senter's Spring Soiree

Don't Tell Mama

New York, NY

A Springtime Cabaret filled with songs about new beginnings, friendship, and love, featuring Jill Senter and Lyle Smith Mitchell.

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Jill Senter's Valentine Soiree

Don't Tell Mama

New York, NY

A Valentine Cabaret filled with songs about love, relationships, and passion, featuring Jill Senter and Lyle Smith Mitchell.


Thru the Eyes of a Child - A Christmas Celebration

The Heights Baptist Church

Dallas, TX

An enchanted evening filled with all the wonder of Christmas as seen thru the eyes of a child. A chance to see the sights and  hear the sounds of the season as only those who are young, or  young at heart, are able to do. (Full video upon request.)

The Metroliner Murder Mystery

AT&T Golden Circle

Washington, D.C.

This was a corporate special event that was to take place aboard the Amtrack Metroliner. Its purpose was to entertain the Golden Circle members on their trip from New York to Washington D.C. The script was written, actors cast and rehearsed. The "final act" took place during the evening dinner in Washington, where members were also treated to a fireworks display in their honor. The Murder Mystery and the fireworks display were completely conceived and produced by Mark Harborth.


National Wholesale Druggists' Assoc.

Palm Springs, CA

At their annual corporate meeting, members of the National Wholesale Druggists' Association were treated to a special performance of Showboat, whose revival was currently running Broadway. This was performed by special permission with a full orchestra led by Keith Herrmann. The script was adapted, the scenery (including a full size Showboat) was designed, and the entire event directed and choreographed by Mark Harborth.


AT&T Country Fair

AT&T Inbound Services

San Diego, CA

As a corporate celebration of their employees, AT&T treated them to an old fashioned Country Fair high atop the San Diego Convention Center. The space was completely transformed and included a midway, a full set of authentic carnival games, prizes and food booths. The entire event was conceived and produced by Mark Harborth.

Don Quixote [Spanish]

The Little Prince [French]

Grimm's Fairy Tales [German]

National Theatre of the Performing Arts, NY, NY

The National Theatre of the Performing Arts was a company that produced one hour adaptations of noteworthy literature and toured the U.S. Each script was written, directed and performed in its own foriegn langauge. Mark Harborth directed several tours of Don Quixote, The Little Prince and Grimm's Fairy Tales.