The Pioneer

We call the evening "The Pioneer" because unquestionably, Eugene O'Neill was one. Beyond the Horizon, Long Days Journey Into Night,  Ah, Wilderness! -- the very titles take us on a journey into the wild.  And he strode in subject and theme into the wilderness of the heart. While he was recognized and welcomed by the kindred spirits who first produced his work , he was clearly striking out into new territory.  In the shadow of WWI, he put on stage a new relationship to the human psyche, heart, and the dramatic medium.


- Alex Roe, Artistic Director - Metropolitan Playhouse

Five selected one acts by Eugene O'Neill
Metropolitan Playhouse

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"The real pleasure of 'The Pioneer,' 

smoothly directed by Mark Harborth, is its portrait of the young playwright."

- Rachel Saltz, The New York Times

"One of the nifty things about the program as a whole is the seamless way director Harborth has put it together. Any company interested in finding out how an evening on one-acts should be mounted can learn something from the way The Pioneer has been put together."

- Martin Denton,

"..a welcome sampler of a genius developing his voice."

- Marc Miller, Backstage

"The swift establishment of stage presence by these experienced players...allowed the dramas to become one seamless garment of narrative spun throughout the night. Director Mark Harborth...can be commended for their success."

- Robert Simpson McLean, The Eugene O'Neill Review

Before Breakfast


The Movie Man

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Last Will and Testament of Silverdene O'Neill

Photos by Alexandra Corazza, Martin Fahrer, D. Meade, Michelle DeBlasi and William Gray